Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wire Elk on the wall?

Day 1
I started an Elk head sculpt for an art show that DDI is having internally. I am super stoked! I will try to make progress posts :)

Day 2
 Here is the base mesh for my elk sculpt. I tried to push the profile shapes as much as possible. The finished work may have a slightly different silhouette depending on how much I add to it.

The nose!

Day? I am terrible at this! It's the future! I started this project on 2/9/2014 and it is due by 3/13/14.
 Got a chance to add more support at the base along with adding wires for the shoulders. Added the ears as well, the silhouette is coming along. 

 As I build up the mesh I can take out some of the supports I have in place. It is hard to tell but I took out a support in the snout because it made it too messy and noisy.

Speaking of noisy :) These photographs are great because I can see where I should clean up and where I should add more density. I am really happy with the eyes so far but these pictures have not done them justice. I will be adding much more to them after I revisit the base and work my way up into the horns. I am doing my best to work around the sculpt as much as possible without adding too much to one place too quick. I also have to keep the structure in mind because the horns will be pretty challenging.

I have sooo much work to do! The antlers have been a pain in the ass and the art show is on Thursday March 14. I have to make sure the structure to the antlers is sturdy and then worry about the shape of them and then add more detail to the eyes. I still need to make eyeballs out of copper wire. Tomorrow night may very well be an all nighter!

And then there are our cats! I have them swatting, chewing and climbing all over the wire. Real cute though!

A little over a month of after work wire twisting and my Elk head was shown at the company art show.
It is hard to tell in the photos but I coiled copper wire for the eyes to bring more focus to them. The antlers were super bouncy and I had to keep the wire to a minimum towards the top. I wish more people could see it in person because these images still do not do it justice compared to walking around it.

It actually looks small in this photo but at my apartment it takes up a lot of space.

 Overall, I am really happy with how the it turned out. I definitely could have spent an entire year on this so I am glad I had a deadline.

Also, it was officially called:

Wire Elk on the wall?

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