Monday, November 12, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch Props...

This is the prototype of Lion's Arch. I amongst a small group of others worked under Jason Stokes (Future Poly) to create this. 

           Here is the original sculpt for the Lion statue which is now huge in the center of the city.

                                          These are early texture tests for the lion statue. It was originally designed to       be small so it is actually under 700tris

This is a buggy I made for Lion's Arch. Textures were used from already existing props. It is based off of a concept by Levi Hopkins.

The seahorse carving was my first  zbrush sculpt. All textures on the seahorse were created by me. 

This was the lion statue I made for Old Lion's Arch. All textures for the lion statue were created by me. 

The Skiff. These are scattered about all over Lions Arch. Textures were used from other props.

The Cargo Crane. Textures used from other props.


Danny said...

oh, did you make that?

Morgan Dudra said...

Lookin' good, mate!

knutaf said...

That lion mermaid deal is freaking cool